Laptop repair & support services are our marquee services and we take pride in saying that we started repairing laptop motherboards when no one knew that it can be done in Malaysia, we are not just the pioneers in all the laptop hardware repair solutions but we are glad to provide our customers the repairs which even the laptop manufacturing companies refuse to repair. Just send to us your laptop if you are using any of these brands:





Sony Vaio,

Apple Macbooks

and be rest assured that your laptop will be well-taken care, and most importantly, it will be back to its functionality even if others have told you that it can’t be repaired.

The Laptop Repairs Services provided are:

Software Repair For Macbook & All Brands

Windows 10

Windows 8

Apple OS X all versions

Laptop Hang

Laptop Slow

Virus, Malware, Spyware Removal

Data Backup And Restore

Recovery of deleted Data

Setup/Troubleshoot/Restore Outlook Emails

Hardware Repair For Macbook & All Brands

Screen Repair/Replacement

No Power

Wi-Fi Repair

DVD Repair/Replacements

Keyboard Repair/Replacement

Battery Replacement

Home and Office Repair Service Charges and Packages