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+2 #18 P.C. Nair
Just recently my HP Desktop had power switch-on problems. I couldn't bring it on after troubleshooting tests and Dotronix upon a call picked up the unit and brought it fully functional within a very short period of time. I am quite happy that I am able to use my desktop again. It is working normal. I have written a review on their services in 2015 and again in March 2018, they proved it that they are truly reliable and professional. I fully recommend their services to all who are in need of it.
+1 #17 Suzi
I lost hope over my slow issue with wifi at my cafe. The wifi suppose to be an attraction for my customer but most of time I had to turn it off. I even subsribe to P1 for personal used in my mini office for emergency. Dotronix solved the problem and Arsh had come on public holiday after 6pm. He diagnosse the problem and came back the next day. Got it solved and charged me only RM150. Cheap, fast, efficient, quick to the point. Good job
+2 #16 Francis
Excellent home service service from DI. They came to my condo in Kampung Bahru reinstalled my laptop with Windows 10 and set up SSD solid state hard drive to replace the old physical hard drive. PC is working very well now. Thanks DI.
+2 #15 Madina Bekenova
Dotronix pc repairs have been with us for ages, a decade of services for us, almost like family for our company, we wish them best in all professional achievements :) :roll:
+2 #14 Maxim
Windows 10 crashed suddenly on my laptop and could not repair itself. So i searched google for laptop services and found this site. The main advantage for me was that guy could come to my place. He has came with bootable flashcard with windows 10 and reinstalled it.
+2 #13 A Halim Ali
Great, timely service by Arsh. He was quick to respond to my initial enquiry and was able to came the following day. Helped us set up the router at the office quickly and he also patiently attended to and resolved other issues the office had. Will definitely contact Dotronix again for any pc problems we may have. Thanks Arsh.
+4 #12 hc leong
my house pc was down due to a recent lightning. i surfed and found dotronic and called the mobile contact. Mr Arshad responded and came immediately the following day. he helped me to fix the problem and the system was running again. He advised me to lodge a complaint to TM, who subsequently changed a new modem for me. i am most happy with Arshad's work and have no hesitation to recommend him to those who need a similar service. Thanks Arshad.
+3 #11 C.Y. M.
I am very pleased with the service that Dotronix has done for me. My Sony Vaio laptop was getting very 'tired' such that strange things were happening when in use. Dotronix did a complete system review, made suggestions, and then followed up by getting my laptop in tip top shape and in fantastic running order. They also got me Windows 10 operational. Thanks guys!
+3 #10 Thilaga
My boss has introduced dotronix pc repair guys
they seem to have solution for everything we would ask
liked their professional attitude
+6 #9 paiisley
very satisfied services. :D

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